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Affix Hoodie

An Affix Hoodie encapsulates the essence of the brand's philosophies and values. The clothing business of Affxwrks, formerly Affix, was officially started in 2018 by Kiko Kostadinov, Taro Ray, Stephen Mann and Michael Kopelman after a period of projects surrounding music. The inspiration for the brand lies in the exploration of a so-called new utility. Functionality and pragmatism pose as core elements informing the labels output, which is visible in the products they create. A modern take on workwear, infused with fashion, music and street aesthetics, the Affix Hoodie represents a new generation of highly technical brands rooted in real-world application.


What are the characteristics of an Affix Hoodie?

• Inspired by workwear, Affix Hoodies come in resilient materials
• High-quality construction for a long lifespan
• Modern shapes and silhouettes
• Refined color-palette reflecting the brand’s values
• Many an Affix Hoodie features sublime graphics on the front and back


Where to buy an Affix Hoodie?

You can buy Affix Hoodies in a variety of stores around the globe. The brand keeps distribution and the list of stockists as refined as their collections, selling only to the premier fashion stores of the world. is honored to offer Affxwrks both online and in-store at our retail location in Hamburg, Germany. You can order your Affix Hoodie online, visit our store, or order online to be shipped to the store for a chance to try it on before making your decision.


How to style an Affix Hoodie?

An Affix Hoodie is as easy to style as most other items by the London-based brand. The focus on utility and functionality, coupled with a muted and refined range of colors, makes the Affix Hoodie the perfect layering piece or even outermost layer of your outfit. Inspired by workwear, the shapes are relaxed and make way for a neutral silhouette that can adapt to almost any other brand or style. Best paired with straight-fitting pants, sneakers and maybe a t-shirt sticking out underneath, Affix Hoodies are highly versatile and stylish.


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