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Affix Shirt

Affxwrks is a true collaborative effort, created by Kiko Kostadinov, Taro Ray, Stephen Mann and Michael Kopelman. The sheer wealth of knowledge and experience shared between them is evident in everything the collective touches, from radio shows on the pirate radio station ‘know wave’, to in-person demonstrations of ‘rapid prototyping’ or the clothing brand it is now mostly known for. Formerly known as Affix, the label produces workwear inspired garments, with a progressive perspective on utility and pragmatism. This point-of-view is observable in the entire offering, including every Affix Shirt, which comes in a particularly post-modern and striking shape.


What makes an Affix Shirt special?

• Affix Shirts come in a refined color-palette
• High-quality materials and construction
• Modern graphic sensibilities
• Inspired by workwear with a distinct fit
• An intellectual take on functionality and pragmatism in fashion


Where to buy an Affix Shirt?

To align its distribution strategy with its fundamental values, Affxwrks only make their wears available at the most prestigious and conceptionally sound retailers around the globe. As one such store, we are proud that Affxwrks is available at A variety of different product categories are on offer, including Affix Shirts. The Affix Shirt is available in multiple colors, such as black, grey or olive. It also comes in different forms, like the traditional t-shirt, pocket t-shirt or work shirt among others.


How to style an Affix Shirt?

The pragmatic nature of affxwrks lends itself to a relatively straight-forward and effective styling process. As a project based on collaboration, Affix is steeped in synergetic qualities, allowing for seamless coordination with more Affix or other workwear and fashion-adjacent brands. Simply pair your Affix Shirt with a loose-fitting straight-cut pair of pants, vintage runners or modern trekking shoes, and throw a light overshirt on top for an understated, modern outfit.


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