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Aries Sweater

Founded by Sofia Prantera and Fergus Purcell in London, Aries Arise, or simply Aries, forms a natural symbiosis between high-fashion and streetwear. This combination of seemingly disparate worlds is visible in the brand’s creations, including the Aries Sweater, where high-end construction Is paired with street-aesthetics and graphics. With years of experience between themselves, the founders have created a synergetic manifestation of their visions and have been one of the leaders of fashion’s democratization. From street-ready aesthetics to gender-neutral shapes, Aries is innovating quietly and in the most honest way.


What are characteristics of an Aries Sweater?

• Most Aries Sweaters are made in Italy
• High-quality materials like cotton or merino wool
• Expert craftsmanship and construction
• Modern approach inspired by classic styles and silhouettes
• Quirky color-palette reflecting the brand’s values
• Advanced sense for graphic prints


Where to buy an Aries Sweater?

Reflecting the brand’s approach of design and their values, Aries is mostly available at boutiques, that can straddle the line between high-fashion and streetwear as seamlessly as the London-based label itself. is one of the select stockists of Aries and offers a wide range of product categories, including the Aries Sweater. You can find sweaters in a variety of styles, like the classic sweatshirt or longsleeve t-shirt, and a plethora of color and graphic options. Find your Aries Sweater both online and in our physical store in Hamburg, Germany.


How to style an Aries Sweater?

Aries Sweaters can be styled in a number of ways. The classic shapes and sharp underground graphic sensibilities allow for a wide utility. You can go for a simple streetwear look with sneakers, straight-fitting pants and some headwear. Or you can get experimental and incorporate animal-prints into your outfits, which Aries Sweaters always complement well. Individuality and self-expression can be amplified with Aries pieces, resulting in the elevation of your entire wardrobe by way of a single product.


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