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What is Acronym?

Acronym is a German-based brand, initially founded in 1994 as an independent design agency by Errolson Hugh and Michaela Sachenbacher. While gaining experience helping brands like Burton Snowboarding create innovative collections in the realm active sportswear, the duo decided to adapt technical apparel for everyday use, launching their eponymous label Acronym in 2002. Over the years the design duo has established itself as the leader of innovation and garment development, consulting an impressive range of international brands, while also creative directing some of the most experimental and forward-thinking lines such as Arc’Teryx Veilance, Stone Island Shadow Project or Nike ACG.


What kind of products is Acronym known for?

• The crown jewel of their practice is undoubtedly their own brand.
• Uncompromising commitment to innovation and high quality
• In part inspired by Errolson Hugh’s personal history with karate
• Acronym keeps an unparalleled focus on functionality
• Garments remove restrictions; add elements for maximum mobility and dynamism
• High level of skill required to make Acronym’s clothes → each piece made in their own factory


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A brief history of Acronym

The journey started with the now-iconic KIT-1, which they worked on for three whole years before the launch in 2002. Sold at a few exclusive stores worldwide, KIT-1 was a boxset consisting of a jacket, bag, manuals, soundtrack and more, offering an immediate and immersive entry-point into the vision of Hugh and Sachenbacher. Instead of an entire collection, Acronym incorporated many different ideas into one
jacket, which reflects their priority of design over sales numbers.

What is Acronym’s cultural impact?

Acronym’s approach has nurtured a cult-like following of dedicated enthusiasts, including stars like John Mayer, who understand the value of each item that can serve the wearer a lifetime. The popularity of the label also manifests itself in numerous top-tier brand collaborations with the likes of Nike or Hideo Kojima’s Kojima Productions. From creating collections in the shadows to stepping into the light and positioning themselves right next to these industry-giants, Errolson Hugh and Michaela Sachenbacher’s Acronym reimagines our world with unwavering emphasis on utility and a futuristic flair.


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