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Night Space - fragranced candles

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What is Night Space?

Based in the Hudson Valley, New York, Night Space is a fragrance candle brand offering an elegant upgrade to everyday life. Friends Kat Hammill and Danielle Armstrong combined their experiences in the design and entrepreneurial worlds to create scents that make you feel good about your space, and make guests curious to ask questions as soon as they walk in. Reflecting the founders’ love for home furnishings the candles come in beautiful ceramic containers, enhancing any modern living space.


What kind of products does Night Space make?

  • fragrance candles in beautiful ceramic vessels
  • all candles are hand-poured in the usa
  • the ceramic vessels are handcrafted in Portugal, beautiful enough to reuse after burning
  • all candles are made from fine fragrance, renewable coconut and soy wax
  • vegan, paraffin-free, cruelty-free wax
  • 100% cotton, lead-free wick
  • scents are also available as room mists
night space candle pure white in package

What scents does Night Space offer?

Night Space offers a wide spectrum of scents, inspired by numerous places and nature, all the while evoking a sense of self-expression. From airy and light scents to earthy and spicy ones, each blend is a multi-layered experience carefully telling a story of a world where anything is possible. Signifying a passion for travel and a desire to escape the mundane, the scents are artfully combined with a distinctive approach and audience in mind.


How do you properly burn a night space candle?

For the best results, Night Space recommends burning the candle to its outer edge each time it is lit. The wick should be kept trimmed to a quarter of an inch (ca. 6-7mm) to avoid smoking and overheating. After burning, the lid of Night Space’s ceramic vessels can be used to extinguish the flame as well as keep the wax clean until the next use. A candle should never be burned when the wick is shorter than ¼” at the base. It is important to always place candles on heat and stain resistant surfaces.


Where to buy night space candles in Hamburg?

If you're searching for a place to buy the newest collections of the brand night space in Hamburg, then we've got some great news for you: come and visit us at our local store at the Virchowstraße 2 (Hamburg - Germany). Pick, try & buy your favourite night space candles directly in store!


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