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Acronym Jacket

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About the Acronym Jacket

Any Acronym Jacket is the amalgamation of Errolson Hugh’s and Michaela Sachenbacher’s years of research and dedication to only create the most technically advanced garments. Utilizing the best fabrics and production methods, the garments elevate any outfit in a distinct, sharp, albeit non-intrusive manner. Each jacket, like Acronym’s entire offering, is painstakingly made to meet the founder’s high standards. Respected as some of the best-constructed garments in the industry, Acronym stays at the forefront of cutting-edge design and ideation.


What makes an Acronym Jacket special?

• Each Acronym Jacket boasts advanced technical properties
• Diverse set of functions to enhance the wearers experience
• High-end materials and hardware
• Some of the best pattern-work in the industry
• Unique cyberpunk aesthetics

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Where to buy an Acronym Jacket?

Acronym is a brand known for its ultra-strict distribution. Other than the brands own web-shop, Acronym can only be found at the world’s top fashion retailers, who can mirror the forward-thinking approach and uncompromising premise. As one of these retailers, is proud to carry the brands product offering, including Acronym Jackets. The Acronym Jacket represents perhaps the most iconic product category for Errolson Hugh’s label, from the many Acronymjutsu showcase videos to the fact, that the brand’s first item was a kit built around a jacket.


How to style an Acronym Jacket?

The technicality of Acronym Jackets allows the wearer to move through the day in a more efficient manner. Pairing the Berlin-based brand with other technical or outdoor fashion, will provide an optimized look to conquer any cityscape. The almost dystopian qualities of the unconventional label transport any outfit to a science-fictional future where the Acronym Jacket serves as fashion, protection, uniform and tool. Most often coming in black or other muted colors, Acronym Jackets offer a lowkey portal to a cyber-punk world full of neon lights and heavy rain.


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