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What is A-COLD-WALL*?

A-COLD-WALL*, ACW* for short, is a British fashion house founded by designer, artist and multidisciplinary creative director Samuel Ross in 2015. Originally an art project, a sculptural, almost architectural approach is evident throughout the brand’s archive of collections, leaning on the founder’s background in graphic design and illustration. Coming from the British working class, Ross successfully translates his perspective on society and culture into tangible products, proposing A-COLD-WALL* as social commentary and discourse just as much as fashion.


What is A-COLD-WALL* known for?

• Highly conceptual collections of clothing, accessories and objects
• Aesthetics are informed by Ross’s studies in graphic design, British class systems and brutalism
• A-COLD-WALL* articulates a refined sense of utility and attention to detail
• Almost sculptural products, including outerwear, footwear and bags
• Collaborations with brands like Nike, Dr. Martens, Mackintosh, Converse and more


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A Brief History of A-COLD-WALL*

After graduating from university with a degree in graphic design and illustration, Samuel Ross began his professional career working as a product designer for a number of commercial brands. During this time, Ross explored his personal artistic voice through a variety of different experiments and creative disciplines. On Instagram he met Virgil Abloh, who employed him as an intern and subsequently a design assistant. Ross worked on a plethora of brands and projects while under Abloh’s guidance, including Off-White, Hood by Air and Kanye West’s Donda company. Continuing his own creative output, Samuel Ross founded A-COLD-WALL*. Initially, the brand was meant to function as an art project, exploring the societal issues, disparities and realities people living in inner-city London and other major cities around the world faced. A-COLD-WALL* quickly became a fully-fledged fashion brand with a loyal following, collecting many awards and prizes along the way.


What does A-COLD-WALL* articulate?

Samuel Ross uses his brand A-COLD-WALL* to communicate a number of ideas and perspectives. It inspects the codes of modern menswear through the lens of class, community, globalization and modernity. The conversation ACW* sparks, examines and highlights social issues in a meaningful and honest way. With his own roots in the British working class and having a formal education in design, Samuel Ross’ brand seeks to level the playing field for creatives of all ethnicities and classes. This stance is reflected in many choices for the brand such as releasing an “open-source” set of hardware with ACW* branding or the inception of the Black British Artist Grants.


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