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Converse - an American original

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What is Converse?

Converse is an American footwear company founded by Marquis Mills Converse in 1908. Launched as a rubber-soled shoe manufacturer, the brand soon switched to athletic footwear and today offers a wide range of different product categories. By far the most iconic item in the brand’s catalog is the Chuck Taylor All-Star, which has remained one of the most popular sneakers in the world for over a century. Initially a basketball-focused silhouette, the sneakers now represent a timeless lifestyle choice for men, women and children from all walks of life.


What kind of products is Converse known for?

• Athletic and lifestyle gear, with a special focus on footwear
• Chuck Taylor All Stars, one of the most iconic sneakers in history
• Updated classics to match the Zeitgeist
• Authentic heritage lifestyle choices, for a timeless personal style
• comfortable footwear, partially upgraded with Nike technology
• Collaborations with numerous brands and artists

A brief history of Converse

After making a deal with Converse in 1921, Chuck Taylor went on to popularize the “All Star” model, which would soon bear his name. The rubber-soled canvas sneakers subsequently became the footwear choice of many athletes, both amateur and professional. Over the years, the brand’s core customer group pivoted from athletes and entered mainstream fashion, thanks to stars like James Dean or Elvis Presley. Many subcultures adopted the Chuck Taylor All Stars and ushered in a new era for the brand. Later, in 2003, after briefly struggling, Converse was acquired by Nike, Inc and went on to reach new heights under the new leadership.


What is Converse’s cultural impact?

Nowadays, Converse is one of the most ubiquitous brands in the world, known and worn by people from all cultures. It is difficult to find a person, who has never owned a pair of All Stars. The simple and sleek design allows for unparalleled adaptability, making it the premier option for many subcultural movements throughout the years. From punk icons scribbling on their pairs, to Westcoast rappers styling theirs with
freshly ironed Dickie’s, Converse has remained an anchor for decades of cultural authenticity. Serving as a blank canvas for creativity and the expression of individuality, many brands and artists today, from Comme des Garçons PLAY to Tyler, The Creator, continue to trust Converse with their message and vision.


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