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What is Clarks?

As the world’s leading brand for “everyday footwear”, Clarks’ legacy spans over almost two centuries. Founded in Street, Somerset in the UK – where it is still based today – by brothers Cyrus and James, the British company is responsible for some of the most iconic footwear designs, such as the desert boot or the Wallabee, which due to their simplicity and timeless design, have found ubiquity in subcultures and the mainstream alike.


What makes Clarks shoes special?

• Timeless classics such as the desert boots, Wallabees and more
• Construction methods combining innovation and craftsmanship
• Highly versatile styles, evident by the many subcultures, who have adopted Clarks products
• Iconic combination of suede uppers and crepe outsoles
• Environmentally sustainable leather practices
• Many collaborations with notable brands such as nanamica, Supreme, Ronnie Fieg and more

Clarks Shoes fur leather

A brief history of Clarks

The story of Clarks begins, when founders Cyrus and James created a pair of slippers from off-cut sheepskin – the family business was making and selling sheepskin rugs at the time. Years later, when James’ son William took over the reins of the company, this idea of foot-shaped shoes was developed further, resulting in the invention of a measuring tool that allowed for an optimized fit. From there, the brand went on to create some of the most iconic footwear silhouettes of all-time, including the Wallabee and Desert Boots, cementing Clarks as an expert in originality and innovation within the industry.


What is Clarks’ cultural legacy?

Rarely has a brand existed, that had been adopted by as many subcultures as Clarks. While Beatniks in 1950s America, Mods in 1960s UK and Jamaican Rude Boys in the 1970s preferred the Desert Boots, Hip Hop culture in the 1990s opted for the Wallabees, most notably the legendary Wu-Tang Clan. The British companies’ wears have been mentioned in numerous songs and have appeared in a number of movies and television series as well. Breaking Bad’s lead character Walter White can be seen wearing Wallabees throughout the story. Even though the character makes a drastic transition from high school teacher to drug kingpin, one thing remains the same, his Clarks shoes.


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