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Suicoke Sandals

Focusing on the product instead of the personalities behind the brand, Suicoke’s founders chose to remain anonymous. Their dedication to create the best possible sandals is evident in the Japanese brand’s impressive output. The brand name itself has no meaning, again moving the full focus on to the product. This approach has earned the Tokyo-based brand a place at the top of the footwear industry. No story, no pretentious philosophy, no inspiring founder’s journey. Suicoke Sandals simply are made to perfection for the legitimate sake of creating the best possible sandals.


What makes Suicoke Sandals special?

• Innovative silhouettes and ergonomic shapes
• Luxury-level materials and construction methods
• Distinct Japanese aesthetics and influences
• Functional designs and custom Vibram footbeds
• Collaborations with fashion heavyweights, such as Sasquatchfabrix., Stüssy, Nepenthes and more


Where to buy Suicoke Sandals?

Suicoke Sandals sit next to some of the most innovative and experimental high-end footwear brands in the world. Only offered in select boutiques globally, Suicoke keeps distribution limited to retailers, who match the brand’s attention to detail and love for quality products. offers a curated selection of the Tokyo-based label. Suicoke Sandals are available both at our retail store in Hamburg, Germany and our online shop.


How to wear Suicoke Sandals?

Styling Suicoke Sandals allows for experimentation and a very tasteful break of societal norms. While frowned upon especially in the west, wearing socks with your sandals is actually encouraged in the case of Suicoke. The rather chunky sandals take styling cues from the traditional Japanese Geta, wooden clogs which have historically been worn with tabi socks. Suicoke Sandals represent a modern and fashionable continuation of these aesthetics. We recommend an outfit with a wider, looser silhouette as a nod to Japanese Kimono proportions. This way you can wear your Suicoke Sandals almost year-round.


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