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Bianca Chandôn

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What is Bianca Chandôn?

When professional skateboarder Alex Olson was bored of the designs of his sponsor at the time, he decided to start his own company. Thus, Bianca Chandôn was created in 2014, merging the names of actress and Studio 54 icon Bianca Jagger and French race car driver Olivier Chandon de Brailles. The goal was to speak a different design language than most skatebrands, which soon led to Olson branching off the skate part in the form of a second company called “Call Me 917”. While still heavily influenced by skate-culture, Bianca Chandôn is a fashion forward clothing line, connecting the two seemingly disparate worlds.


What kind of products is Bianca Chandôn know for?

• Aesthetic is defined by eclectic graphics, comfortable jersey pieces and a wide range of colors
• Eccentric influences like 70s New York downtown culture, 80s voguing or 90s Purple Magazines
• Provided a breath of fresh air in the industry
• This in return allowed Alex Olson to dive deeper into the fashion world
• Some skateboard decks were made in the early days, but ultimately it was decided to focus on style
• Building on the interest that came from outside of the skateboarding world


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A brief history of Bianca Chandôn

The name of the subsequent skate-centric brand “Call Me 917” derived from a marketing move designed for Bianca Chandôn, where people were encouraged to call a number starting with those digits. The call would lead to a message from Bianca Chandôn, making it seem it’s the name of an actual person, and soon after the brand would launch properly with its first drop. The second drop included the now iconic
“Lover” graphic items to much fanfare, elevating Bianca Chandôn to a much-respected status within high end boutiques.


What is Bianca Chandôn’s cultural impact?

Producing most pieces in North America, using deadstock fabrics whenever they can, Bianca Chandôn actively try to keep their carbon footprint as minimal as possible for a brand their size. Whether it’s the environment, refugees or equality, Alex Olson wears his heart on his sleeve, supporting many different causes through his label. It is this honesty that has gained him the favor of industry and audience alike, making him one of the very few to successfully bridge the gap between high fashion and skate culture.


Where to buy Bianca Chandôn in Hamburg?

If you're searching for a place to buy the newest collections of the brand Bianca Chandôin Hamburg, then we've got some great news for you: Come and Visit us at our local store at the Virchowstraße 2 (Hamburg - Germany). Pick, try & buy your favourite Bianca Chandôn pieces directly in store!