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how was wacko Maria founded?

After retiring from careers in professional football, Atsuhiko Mori and Keiji Ishizuka decided they wanted to do something that is of cultural value. And so, their love for music and drinking resulted in the opening of the Rock Steady bar in Tokyo. Due to their wide range of different music genres and advanced curation, the bar quickly became a cultural hotspot. In 2005 they went on to establish Wacko Maria in order to match their diverse and eclectic tastes in music with corresponding clothes. Ishizuka has since left the brand and the Rock Steady bar was transformed into a showroom for Wacko Maria.


what is wacko Maria known for?

However, the core inspirations of the Japanese label, such as music, drinking, films and art, still remain intact. Wacko Maria, and the labels alter-ego Guilty Parties, frequently express these influences in the form of rockabilly styles, animal prints, Hawaiian shirts and Virgin Mary iconography, perfectly encapsulating the romance and glamour they stand for. Many know the brand for its intricately embroidered outerwear, which sometimes boast collaborative designs with brands like Undercover or artists such as NeckFace and Tim Lehi.

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wacko Maria - beyond clothing

In 2015, Mori opened his first flagship store in Nakameguro, called Paradise Tokyo. The space beautifully reflects Wacko Maria’s values, as it, in addition to the clothes, also houses a coffee shop and sound system with an impressive record collection. It brings Atsuhiko Mori back full circle, creating a place for people to listen to good music and have a cozy drink. All while looking sharper than ever before. 


Where to buy Wacko Maria in Hamburg?

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