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What is Aries?

Aries Arise, or simply Aries, is a London-based brand founded by Sofia Prantera and Fergus “Fergadelic” Purcell. The former being the founder of legendary streetwear brand Silas and the latter an iconic illustrator and graphic artist responsible for the logo of skatebrand Palace and designs for many brands such as Marc by Marc Jacobs and even Silas itself. Combining their years of experience in the industry, the two veterans created a brand, which brings together luxury and streetwear in a natural symbiosis.


What kind of products does Aries make?

• Almost all Aries products are made in Italy
• Focus on elevated quality, reached through generations of expertise
• Each piece has a story and personal touch
• Aries is known for their many dyeing and washing processes
• The brand always finds new ways to challenge the norms of design and manufacturing
• Relaxed and largely gender-neutral fits
• Authentic underground graphic language
• Crafted out of beautiful fabrics, on par with the best luxury fashion houses


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A brief history of Aries

A Central Saint Martins graduate, Sofia Prantera never lost her love for high fashion, even during her many years running streetwear label Silas. When she decided to create a new ‘undefinable’ hybrid label in 2012, she teamed up with Fergus Purcell, whom she had met and worked with early on. From the beginning, the brand had a gender-neutral approach, even though it was officially a womenswear label. This proved to be years ahead of its time and is a testament to the progressive vision of Aries’ founders.


What is Aries’ cultural relevance?

With their stories and minds being strongly linked to streetwear culture and the zeitgeist, Sofia Prantera and Fergus Purcell’s Aries Arise is a true gem in the modern fashion landscape. From their ‘No Problemo’ or temple-logo graphics, to the tie-dye and animal prints, the label stays true to their message of following one’s own path to individuality and self-expression. As one of the earliest brands to combine high end with streetwear, Aries continues to effortlessly marry the two like only few other labels can.

Where to buy Aries in Hamburg?

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