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What is nanamica?

Nanamica, meaning “house of the seven seas”, is a Japanese brand founded by Eiichiro Homma in 2003. The Tokyo-based label combines classical menswear and sportswear elements with high-performance fabrics and finishes. Homma’s decades of experience in the outdoor and technical apparel industry are translated into timeless, minimalistic clothes for everyday use, which boast specifications able to withstand the harshest city environments as well as weekend trips out into nature. nanamica’s mantra of “one ocean, all lands” takes this philosophy further and ponders upon a world and its inhabitants, who are all connected by land and sea.

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What kind of products is nanamica known for?

• clothing and accessories inspired by the outdoors, American ivy, prep
• refined color palette, marine-inspired
• many pieces feature technical materials like gore-tex, polartec, coolmax and more
• comfortable silhouettes and fits with a distinct Japanese touch
• traditional tailoring elements combined with sports sensibilities
• timeless approach, disregarding trends
• high-level mix of function and fashion


A brief history of nanamica

Eiichiro Homma entered the industry in 1982 with the determination to launch his own brand someday. After years of designing for Goldwin and its many licensed brands in Japan, including The North Face, Homma finally founded his own brand nanamica in 2003. Under an exclusive license from Goldwin, the notoriously Japan-only “The North Face Purple Label” was also introduced under the nanamica umbrella. Over the years, Eiichiro Homma has managed to form close relationships with The North Face in America as well as with mills and factories across Japan, allowing him to be informed about certain material innovations prior to the rest of the industry. Their timeless approach, which sees them reference archival designs often, coupled with innovative materials and a modern spirit, make nanamica one of the premier choices for outdoor-loving city-dwellers.


What is nanamica’s cultural impact?

As post-war Japan flourished economically starting in the late 1950s, modern technology and urban landscapes became the standard scenario for many Japanese. To escape the man-made surroundings, a camping trip or seeking outdoor adventures posed as an attractive change of pace. What started as a trend soon became a lifestyle for many, who began wearing their outdoor gear in the city to feel closer to nature. Eiichiro Homma recognized this shift and focused on providing fashion-forward city clothes with outdoor sensibilities. Today, nanamica is seen as one of the most authentic and respected brands offering this kind of solution.


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