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What Makes Perks and Mini More than Just a Streetwear Brand?

Perks and Mini, often simply referred to as P.A.M., was founded in Melbourne, Australia in 2000 by married couple Misha Hollenbach and Shauna Toohey. The name derives from their respective graffiti tags “Perks” and “Mini”. It is difficult to classify Perks and Mini; The easy way out would be to call it a streetwear brand. But considering the founders are both artists who have exhibited in prestigious galleries numerous times, are involved in music and even have their own publishing company called PAMBOOK, a much more fitting title would be lifestyle brand.


What Makes Perks and Mini's Fashion Output Stand Out?

The free-flowing nature of the husband and wife duo is reflected in their fashion output, for which the brand is best known for. Outlandish and quirky graphics, comfortable cuts and bold statements continually blur the lines between streetwear and conceptual art. The graphics can be lighthearted and funny at first glance but reveal much more thought and meaning upon further investigation.

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How Does Perks and Mini Foster a Sense of Community and Environmental Responsibility?

However, this cryptic nature is not of importance to the founders. What’s important is living life with curiosity and sharing new ideas and findings. One of the main driving forces behind P.A.M. is community. While trying to abandon an ego-driven society, the brand actively pushes and initiates communal behavior. Most recently in Paris, where the label is based since 2015, a new project titled “NSO” was brought to life by P.A.M. and six other brands. It stands for “No Show Official” and was a joint presentation during fashion week, where looks consisted of different brands and the street served as the runway. With minimal waste, the event was a perfect representation of the Perks and Mini spirit, expressing great care for the environment and placing major importance on community.


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