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Cloakroom - about the famous London magazine:

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What is Cloakroom?

Cloakroom is a bi-annual magazine based in London, exploring exceptional spaces and bringing the relationships with their inhabitants to the forefront. It examines the lives and minds of numerous influential figures across art, design, fashion and popular culture at large. Profound interviews coupled with striking photography and visual designs inspire and empower a creative vision for a hyper-specific lifestyle. In highlighting the tensions between good taste and bad, Cloakroom investigates the allure of that contradiction.


What kind of contents does Cloakroom cover?

• Exploration of exceptional interior spaces
• Interviews with figures from a variety of fields, such as art, fashion and pop culture
• Striking images in exclusive photoshoots
• Clean design layout and bold elegance
• Highlighting the tensions between good taste and bad
• Commentary from influential photographers and writers
• A photographic catalog of spaces and interiors

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A brief history of Cloakroom

Cloakroom was founded in 2019 by Claudia Donaldson, who also serves as Editor-in-Chief. Donaldson proves an especially well-equipped mind to head a publication such as Cloakroom, given her previous stints as the founding editor of influential digital video channel NOWNESS, and editor at Wallpaper*. French designer Alaric Garnier was commissioned to create a bespoke typeface for the magazine by the London-based studio B.A.M., who oversaw the design and art direction of Cloakroom.


Cloakroom’s obsession with spaces

Spaces and interior design are some of the most advanced, yet universally comprehensible realms of aesthetic theory. Cloakroom re-imagines and re-frames an obsession with interiors, offering an in-depth account of an elevated lifestyle, with elegance, individuality as well as pragmatism at its core. The imagery in the publication is accompanied by commentary from some of the creative industry’s most influential photographers and writers. Cloakroom builds a photographic catalog of spaces, ranging from homes to workshops and studios, and even aircraft hangars. The minds of the occupants are explored, examining their motivations, uses for items and spaces, and their life beyond.


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