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What is Viso?

Viso Project is a lifestyle brand based in New York, with craftsmanship at its core. The label works with expert artisans from Europe and the United States to design and create their products, which are then released as limited edition capsule collections. With deep roots inspired by art and design, the brand creates unique and masterfully made objects for a modern contemporary lifestyle, which respects tradition.


What kind of products does Viso make?

• Viso offers apparel, accessories, ceramics, homeware, luggage and more
• Collaborative capsule collections inspired by art and design
• Unique patterns and distinct colors
• Consciously produced in a sustainable way
• Made by artisans and craftsmen in Europe and the United States
• Limited units to remain sustainable and exclusive


viso tapestry blanket

What is the history of Viso Project?

For founders David Vivirido and Francesco Sourigues, lifestyle is everything. Being the co-founders of fashion magazine Hercules Universal, Vivirido and Sourigues had expertly trained eyes for curation and design. After having trouble searching for affordable handicrafts for their concept store in Barcelona, the duo launched Viso Project in 2018 in order to offer contemporary items made with great craftsmanship at a fair price. Through their work, the brand introduces its audience to an elevated lifestyle, which does not abandon values of authenticity and sustainability.

“For us the key is to surround ourselves with beautiful objects every day, objects that inspire us and makes us happy. Same as we invest so much time and effort in the way we dress every day, we want to apply the same to our homes, places and spaces where we spend such an important part of our lives.”

What is Viso’s take on sustainability?

Viso Project places great emphasis on conscious creation and makes it a core part of their identity. The team researches small factories and artisans to make traditionally crafted items in small batches, limiting the environmental impact. This allows them to trace every step of the manufacturing process and truly assess its impact. The analog production methods facilitate high quality items meant to last for decades and be passed down through generations. To add new layers to their sustainability efforts, Viso Project minimized their packaging to recycled materials and is working on collections of vegan products and products using natural dyes respectively.

Where to buy Viso Project in Hamburg?

If you're searching for a place to buy the newest collections of the brand Viso Project in Hamburg, then we've got some great news for you: come and visit us at our local store at the Virchowstraße 2 (Hamburg - Germany). Pick, try & buy your favourite Viso Project pieces directly in store!