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Suicoke Slides

Founded in 2006 in Tokyo, Suicoke focuses on making the best-possible products they can. The founders choose to remain anonymous, moving all attention to the product. Their brand is not dependent on a pretentious philosophy or marketing strategy. This allows for more space to experiment and innovate, which is reflected in the design and construction of Suicoke Slides. Models like the Kaw-Cab or Moto-Cab are among the most popular slides of the fashion world, spearheading the modern renaissance of open footwear.


What are characteristics of Suicoke Slides?

• Luxury-quality materials and construction techniques
• Focus on innovation and experimentation
• Leaning on traditional Japanese aesthetic mixed with modern sensibilities
• Additional comfort and quality through custom Vibram footbeds
• Versatile styling options; good for casual wear of fashionable outfits


Where to buy Suicoke Slides?

As some of the most innovative and experimental high-end footwear brands in the world, Suicoke Slides can commonly be found in equally forward-thinking boutiques and stores around the globe. Keeping distribution limited to retailers, who match the brand’s detail-oriented approach and love for quality production, the Tokyo-based label stays true to its values. offers a fine selection of Suicoke Slides and sandals. The brand’s wares are available both at our retail store in Hamburg, Germany and our online shop. We also provide the option to order online and deliver to the store. This way you have the opportunity to try the sandals before making a decision.


How to style Suicoke Slides?

Suicoke Slides are very versatile, allowing for many styling options. You can simply wear them with shorts and a t-shirt during the summer. What may be more intriguing however, is to take advantage of the Japanese aesthetics and combine the slides with socks. This is at once an ultra-modern approach, as well as one steeped in culture and tradition. Japanese geta sandals are wooden clogs, traditionally worn with tabi socks, which you can pay homage to with your own interpretation. A fashionably loose-fitting outfit can also spiritually connect your outfit to the Kimono silhouette, rounding out your look.


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