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Stone Island Bermuda Shorts

Perfect for the summertime or get-away trips during the colder months, Stone Island Bermuda Shorts provide excellent style and quality. Made to the same demanding specifications as the rest of the Italian brand’s offering, Stone Island Bermuda Shorts feature high-quality materials and refined fits, which are the result of tireless research and development. The shorts come in a variety of different styles, colors, lengths, with or without cargo pockets, as well as the occasional iconic Stone Island Badge.


What makes Stone Island Bermuda Shorts special?

• Stone Island Bermuda Shorts feature classic silhouettes and ergonomic fits
• Top-quality materials and high-end construction
• Staying true to Stone Island’s demand for excellence
• Industry-leading styles, materials, technologies and more
• Technical complexity that Stone Island is respected for
• Usually Stone Island Bermuda Shorts feature the iconic badge


Where to buy Stone Island Bermuda Shorts?

Stone Island Bermuda Shorts are available in a variety of different stores. The Italian brand, led by Carlo Rivetti, is available in selected outdoor stores as well as fashion boutiques, proving the multifaceted nature of Stone Island. offers a broad range of different Stone Island products, including t-shirts, pants, sweatshirts, jackets, Bermuda Shorts, and more. Visit our retail store, based in Hamburg, Germany, for a curated selection or browse our full range online. The option to buy online and ship to our retail store for a try-on before purchase is also available.


How to style Stone Island Bermuda Shorts?

As previously implied, Stone Island Bermuda Shorts are perfect for warmer climates. We recommend wearing them with a Stone Island T-Shirt during the warmer summer months. The technical nature of the shorts allows for great styling synergy with sandals and sneakers alike. Modern hiking and trekking sneakers are particularly interesting fit options, once again underscoring the versatility of Stone Island.


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