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Stone Island Short Pants

The warmer months require corresponding attire, which is where the Stone Island Short Pants come into play. Equipped with all of the functional and technical advancements and specifications as any other Stone Island product, the shorts are leading the menswear industry in many categories. A superior fit provides comfort and style, while the iconic wind rose badge gives off an air of classic legacy. Not many other designers can match the Italian brand in quality and innovation simultaneously.


What are characteristics of Stone Island Short Pants?

• Stone Island Short Pants are optimized for wear during warmer temperatures
• Optimized fit for easy styling and maximum comfort
• Manufactured at top-tier specifications with some of the best materials in the world
• Lots of iconic design elements, such as the Stone Island badge and more
• Different sub-lines like Ghost pieces or Shadow Project options
• High-end design language and subtle colors


Where to buy Stone Island Short Pants?

If you’re asking yourself, where to buy Stone Island Short Pants, is your best possible solution. With a wide range of different Stone Island product categories, has all of your needs covered, including jackets, pullovers, pants, accessories and short pants. Our offering can be found online as well as in-store in our dedicated retail shop in Hamburg, Germany, where you can find many other designer brands as well.


How to style Stone Island Short Pants?

How to style Stone Island Short Pants is an easily answered question. The versatility of the brand offers many different directions you can take your style in, all being equally viable. Go for a simple t-shirt, shorts and sandals ensemble for a sunny day at the beach. The other end of the spectrum is also possible, when you wear your Stone Island short pants with thermal leggings underneath and a technical jacket, headgear and sneakers during a night out in the city exploring. Knowing the breadth of possible applications, makes you look at Stone Island from a new perspective.


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