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Stone Island Cargo Pants: About the Brand

Unrivaled in their research & development of textile innovation and experimentation, Stone Island is one of menswear’s foremost entities. Adopted by a number of different subcultures, from the Paninari in 80s Italy to 90s Britpop and terrace culture to modern streetwear, the Italian brand offers supreme versatility and adaptability. A great example for the labels’ focus on technical advancements and functionality are Stone Island Cargo Pants, carrying the spirit and vision of the Carlo Rivetti-led brand.


What makes Stone Island Cargo Pants unique?

• Stone Island Cargo Pants encapsulate the focus on functionality
• Highest quality materials and industry-leading construction processes
• Representing many different subcultures around the globe
• Most Stone Island Cargo Pants feature the iconic badge
• Innovative textiles and experimental technologies
• Shapes and color-palettes easy to style


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Where to buy Stone Island Cargo Pants?

You have multiple options to find Stone Island Cargo Pants. Distributed to a limited number of stores, who can represent Stone Island’s obsession with excellence and innovation, the brand is usually available only at high-fashion boutiques or hyper-specialized outdoor retailers. As one of the former category, carries a carefully curated, yet large selection of Stone Island products. Our Stone Island Cargo Pants range includes different materials, colors and even Stone Island Shadow Project option. They are available at our retail store location in Hamburg, Germany and on our web-shop.


How to style Stone Island Cargo Pants?

As previously emphasized, Stone Island is a brand with an inclusive aesthetic, allowing many different cultures and styles to adopt it as their own. Stone Island Cargo Pants further prove this point with their generally understated color-palette and optimized but familiar shapes. Best combined with sneakers, modern or old-school, and other Stone Island items, the Cargo Pants form a connecting piece between different focus-points of the outfit, while also impressing on their own.


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