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About Stone Island Caps

As an integral part of the Italian brand’s accessories offering, Stone Island Caps are a popular element of the modern technical aesthetic landscape. Featuring high-end materials and constructed with the same care as Stone Island’s outerwear, the caps have established their own respect and reverence among fans. The hats sometimes come in different sizes, emphasizing the extra effort Stone Island puts forth to provide the optimized fit for every wearer. This makes Stone Island Caps essential items for every modern menswear collection.


Why are Stone Island Caps so popular?

• Stone Island Caps are constructed at the highest industry standards
• High-end materials and refined finishes
• Different color, print and embroidery variations
• Benefiting from Stone Island’s impressive R&D department
• Perfect finishing touch for almost every outfit
• Stone Island Caps provide sophisticated styling possibilities


stone island cap black

Where to buy Stone Island Caps?

Stone Island Caps are generally offered in select outdoor department stores, as well as premier fashion boutiques around the world. A finely curated selection of Stone Island Caps is available both at our retail experience in Hamburg, Germany and our dedicated online shop. You can choose between a variety of materials, colors, technologies, shapes and patterns. Additionally, you have the option to order online and deliver to the retail store to have the opportunity to try before making your purchase.


How to style Stone Island Caps?

Stone Island Caps provide the finishing touch to any sophisticated outfit. During the colder months, Stone Island Caps can enhance your look with a coat and a big scarf wrapped around your head to add a layering element where one would usually not expect one. At the same time, a simple summertime look with a t-shirt, Bermuda shorts and sandals can also be the perfect ensemble for Stone Island Caps to provide sophistication and sharpness.


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