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Stone Island Shadow Project Pullover

Launched in 2008, Stone Island Shadow Project is a sub-label of Stone Island and forms the most advanced and experimental branch of the Italian brand. Having joined with Errolson Hugh and his Acronym team for Shadow Project, Stone Island pushes the boundaries in terms of research and development, testing the limits of what is achievable. A great product, reflecting this cutting-edge mentality, is the Stone Island Shadow Project Pullover, boasting impressive technical specs as well as sublime design.


Is a Stone Island Shadow Project Pullover worth it?

• The Stone Island Shadow Project Pullover is part of the brand’s most highly advanced line
• Maximum quality and superior manufacturing
• Research and development at the highest possible level to achieve excellence
• Experimental designs, materials and construction, pushing all of fashion forward
• Timeless design accents, such as the legendary Stone Island badge


Where can I buy a Stone Island Shadow Project Pullover?

Stone Island is a brand with high standards, only distributing their wares to storefronts, who are reflecting their values and excellence. The requirements to stock Shadow Project are even stricter, making it a special honor for to carry the line. You can find your new Stone Island Shadow Project Pullover as well as a vast offering of other items by the Italian brand in our physical retail shop in Hamburg, Germany or on our specialized online shop.


How to style a Stone Island Shadow Project Pullover?

Stone Island Shadow Project is more technically adventurous than its mother-label, yet still equally wearable. The aesthetics encourage you to think outside the box for the rest of your outfit to match the Shadow Project energy. Wearing other highly technical brands such as the Stone Island main-label, Errolson Hugh’s Acronym or other similar outdoor and techwear brands, brings out the most in your Stone Island Shadow Project Pullover.


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