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About the Acronym Collection:

Founded in 1994 as an independent design agency by Errolson Hugh and Michaela Sachenbacher in Germany, the first proper Acronym Collection was launched in 2002 in the form of a kit, including the legendary J1A jacket, a bag, manuals and other materials. Today the brand is considered to be one of the premier houses for innovative and functional garment designs and concepts. The cyberpunk aesthetics and communication methods add to the story of futuristic ambitions, positioning Acronym way in front of its competition.


Why is the Acronym Collection so popular?

• Many brands look to the Acronym Collection for inspiration
• Industry-leading functional designs and technical expertise
• High-end materials and expertly finished garments
• Cyberpunk aesthetics provide a dark and futuristic look
• Big focus on mobility and dynamism of the wearer
• Partially inspired by Errolson Hugh’s experience with Karate


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Where to buy the Acronym Collection?

Over the years, Acronym has built up a notorious reputation, a result of the historically tight distribution. Errolson Hugh requires the brand’s stockists to share the vision and match his focus on excellence. offers a finely curated selection of the Acronym Collection, including Jackets, Pants, Shorts, T-Shirts and more. You can find our Acronym Collection both at our retail store in Hamburg, Germany and on our dedicated online shopping experience.


How to style the Acronym Collection?

The dark color-palette and sophisticated design make pieces from the Acronym Collection the most interesting part of many outfits. Dynamic shapes, seamlessly integrated functional applications and understated aesthetics result in diverse styling options. You can pair your Acronym with more Acronym or other techwear brands for a full, futuristic cyberpunk look, style it with streetwear staples for a modern, metropolitan look, or combine it with wide-cut, flowy Japanese fashion for an elevated and elegant approach. All of the above and more is possible, however most importantly you should find a way for your Acronym pieces to enhance your personal everyday life and take full advantage of the functional superiority of the German brand.


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