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What is Acronym Fashion?

Calling Acronym Fashion one of the most influential aesthetics in the entire industry is an understatement. One could argue the bulk of modern menswear brands launched within the past two decades, technical in nature or not, have been inspired or influenced by Errolson Hugh’s and Michaela Sachenbacher’s label in one way or another. Whether it was the extreme dedication to excellence, the strict refusal to make compromises in quality, design or vision, the technical and functional superiority of the garments, or the innovative communication and marketing moves, Acronym’s footprint is visible throughout the entire men’s fashion landscape today.


What makes Acronym Fashion unique?

• Acronym Fashion has a distinct aesthetic, which many have tried but failed to replicate
• Finest quality materials and industry-leading high-end construction
• Dark and Cyberpunk-esque vision feels futuristic
• Unparalleled functionality and technical advancements
• Culturally one of the most vital brands in all of menswear
• Design concepts allow for maximum mobility and dynamism, inspired by Karate

Where to buy Acronym Fashion?

Only distributing their clothes to storefronts with an equally uncompromising vision, Acronym Fashion has notoriously been hard to come by. With an equal dedication to excellence, offers a finely curated selection of Acronym Fashion both at our physical retail store in Hamburg, Germany, as well as our online shop. Acronym Jackets, T-Shirts, Pants, Shorts and more are available in an elevated shopping experience at


How to style Acronym Fashion?

Made to provide optimal functionality for the wearer, Acronym Fashion not only looks impressive as the centerpiece of an outfit, it also has the unique ability to turn into an understated piece, only to be fully noticed upon closer inspection. The functional aspects of the garments are built in in a way, that is not intrusive to the outer design of the item and enhance the wearers experience when worn. This quality gives the wearer an unbelievable freedom to style the pieces. We recommend pairing your Acronym Fashion with other Acronym pieces, other modern techwear brands, lowkey streetwear, or flowy Japanese brands.


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