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Stone Island Pullover

For the Italian brand Stone Island, diligent research and tireless experimentation are central pillars of identity. This curiosity extends to its eclectic set of inspirations, namely sportswear, streetwear, workwear, military, and luxury, which are all seamlessly integrated into the design language. The vision and ethos are evident in each and every Stone Island Pullover, resulting in the brand’s status as one of the world’s leading forces in men’s fashion.

 stone island pullover washed grey           stone island pullover in light yellow

What are the characteristics of Stone Island Pullovers?

• High end materials and manufacturing
• Most Stone Island pullovers boast the legendary badge on the left arm
• Designs are innovative, and construction intricate
• Stone Island pullovers are developed in one of the most advanced R&D departments in the world
• Countless new fibers, fabrics & production methods are also used for pullovers
• Lots of unique coating and dyeing techniques, exclusive to the Italian label


Where to buy a Stone Island Pullover?

Stone Island is available at a large number of different establishments, from outdoor specialists to high-end boutiques such as; a testament to the versatility of the label. Our selection of Stone Island pullovers includes many different materials, functions, as well as color choices. Whether you are searching for a Stone Island Ghost Piece pullover crewneck in cream, a classic Stone Island pullover sweatshirt in black, or a futuristic Shadow Project pullover, our range of options covers all bases.


How to style a Stone Island Pullover?

Styling a Stone Island Pullover opens the door to a wide variety of possible looks and cultural references. Throughout its many years in existence, the Italian label has found fans in countless different subcultures around the globe. The Paninari of 1980s Milan rode their bikes around the city in casual fits, British football fans paired their Stone Island Pullovers with team scarfs as part of Terrace Culture, and elsewhere, the UK Roadman styled his pieces with sportswear staples for a distinct street look. A Stone Island Pullover can therefore be worn with almost anything and adapt to any kind of situation or context.


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