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Stone Island Mens Jacket

Stone Island, founded in 1982 in Italy’s small town of Ravarino, is one of the world’s premier menswear brands in the fields of technical and functional clothing. The Stone Island Mens Jacket is arguably the company’s most iconic category, serving as the most exemplary item for many of their flagship technologies and innovations, such as the legendary Ice Jacket or Reflective Jacket. With a clear vision and dedication to excellence, Stone Island constantly pushes the boundaries of men’s fashion.




What makes the Stone Island Mens Jacket so popular?

• The Stone Island Mens Jacket category contains some of the brand’s flagship items
• Iconic technologies created the Ice Jacket, Reflective Jacket and many more
• Courtesy of their industry-leading research and development department
• Quality materials and superior craftsmanship
• Very sophisticated color-palette of muted hues and shades
• Most Stone Island Mens Jackets boast the iconic badge on the left arm


Where to buy a Stone Island Mens Jacket? offers a broad range of different Stone Island Mens Jackets. Find a curated selection of the Italian brand’s mainline, Ghost Pieces, Stone Island Shadow Project Jackets and much more. The brand has been notoriously strict with distribution, only offering their wares at high-end fashion retailers and specialized outdoor shops. Find your Stone Island Mens Jacket in our physical retail store in Hamburg, Germany and our online shopping experience.


How to style a Stone Island Mens Jacket?

Combining elements from workwear, streetwear, techwear, sportswear and luxury, Stone Island is one of the most versatile and adaptable menswear brands in the world. Countless subcultures have adopted the label over the years as part of their uniform. As the outermost layer of your outfit, a Stone Island Mens Jacket adds sophistication and style to your look. Different visible textile technologies and puffer versions of jackets reflect the brand’s curiosity and love for exploration. Wear your Stone Island Mens Jacket with some of our other Stone Island items for a cohesive coordination.


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