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stone island hooded sweater - about the brand

Stone Island is an Italian menswear brand, leading the industry in innovation and experimentation. Their unparalleled research and development department is one of the most dedicated and advanced ones in the world. Countless material, textile, dyeing and fiber innovations are developed inside the walls of this legendary house. Exemplary of their excellence is the Stone Island Hooded Sweater. Made to highest-standard specifications, the Stone Island Hooded Sweater encapsulates the vision and conviction of the Carlo Rivetti-led brand to an utmost degree.

What makes the Stone Island Hooded Sweater so popular?

• The Stone Island Hooded Sweater fuses function and style
• Inspiring dedication to excellence and the best possible results
• Benefiting from industry-leading research and development department
• High-end materials and expertly constructed garments
• A broad choice of different textile technologies and variations
• Most Stone Island Hooded Sweaters feature the iconic badge on the left arm


Where to buy a Stone Island Hooded Sweater?

Available at select outdoor department stores and high-end fashion boutiques alike, Stone Island impresses with a high level of versatility. Equally at-home in harsh environments and the inner-city, Stone Island Hooded Sweaters provide you with function and style. carries a wide range of Stone Island and Stone Island Shadow Project items, ranging from Hooded Sweaters, pants, jackets and t-shirts, to accessories and more. Find a curated selection at our retail experience in Hamburg, Germany, or browse our full, extensive collection online.


How to style a Stone Island Hooded Sweater?

With a well-balanced and thought-through color-palette, Stone Island Hooded Sweaters are an excellent fit for every wardrobe. The functional materials and designs allow seamless incorporation to your daily activities and routine. Stone Island Hooded Sweaters are best paired with sneakers and casual pants for an easy style, preferably Stone Island pieces. They also pose as great layering pieces for the transitional months providing extra protection and style for your head.


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