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Stone Island Transitional Jacket

Fall and Spring are excellent seasons for fashion, as almost any seasonal styles can be successfully pulled off. However, the best items are pieces specifically geared towards these transitional months. And so, the Stone Island Transitional Jacket is a top choice for layering and styling when cold weather meets mild climates. Equipped with impressive technical specs, the jackets are great representations of Stone Islands industry-leading research and development work, while also providing some of the sleekest designs in all of men’s fashion. The Italian brand knows how to create high quality garments and continues to prove it one jacket at a time.


Is a Stone Island Transitional Jacket worth the money?

• Stone Island Transitional Jackets are some of the highest quality jackets you can find.
• Superior quality, a result of intense R&D, as well as luxury-level production
• High-end textiles and dyeing techniques, creating a unique feel and look
• Futuristic design mindset and sophisticated color coordination
• Optimized shapes and silhouettes result in a great fit
• Multiple lines, such as Stone Island Shadow Project, “Ghost” pieces and the mainline


Where can I buy a Stone Island Transitional Jacket?

You can find your Stone Island Transitional Jacket in a number of places, your best bet being With a wide range of different Stone Island products, our love for excellence and quality is reflected in the pieces we stock. Aside from jackets, we stock Stone Island pants, t-shirts, shirts, pullovers, accessories and much more. Find a curated selection in our Hamburg, Germany store or browse our expansive offering online.


How to style a Stone Island Transitional Jacket?

The Stone Island Transitional Jacket opens the door to countless styling options, as layering is in the piece’s nature. Made to provide both lightness, as well as warmth and protection, it is an amazing piece, versatile in function and nuanced in style. You can wear it as the outermost layer with a t-shirt underneath in spring or a hoodie underneath in fall. Wear a bigger jacket on top and you can even continue wearing it in the harshest winter temperatures. A true allrounder.


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