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Stone Island T-Shirt

Stone Island, founded in Italy’s Ravarino in 1982, is one of the world’s most dominant menswear forces. With a laser-sharp focus on innovation and experimentation, the Italian company combines many influences, such as sportswear and workwear, to create technically advanced and complex garments. Despite its status as a technical juggernaut, the brand covers many bases, from color-changing jackets to the seemingly simple Stone Island T-Shirt. Made of the finest materials, the T-Shirts reflect Carlo Rivetti’s emphasis on excellence.


What makes a Stone Island T-Shirt special?

• Stone Island T-Shirts have innovative silhouettes and ergonomic shapes
• High level of materials and construction methods
• Matching Stone Island’s dedication for excellence
• Different applications like prints and embroidery
• Same level of technical complexity that Stone Island is known for


Where to buy a Stone Island T-Shirt?

You can buy a Stone Island T-Shirt in many different stores. The Italian brand is available in selected outdoor stores as well as fashion boutiques. This alone proves the multifaceted nature of Stone Island. carries a wide variety of Stone Island products, including t-shirt, pants, sweatshirts, jackets, and much more. Visit our retail store in Hamburg, Germany for a curated selection or browse our full range online. The option to buy online and ship to our store is also available.


How to style a Stone Island T-Shirt?

Any Stone Island T-Shirt can be easily styled with the brands other products. Stone Island offers all garment categories, allowing for coordinated head-to-toe looks. The versatility of the brand is evident in its t-shirt offering. They can provide you with solid technical solutions for a trip to the great outdoors, while also bringing together your workwear or streetwear outfit to spend a day in the city. The silhouette can easily be combined with slim or straight fitting pants, and pair well with hiking boots and sneakers alike.


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