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magic stick clothing - a brand against fast fashion

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what is magic stick clothing?

Firmly taking a stand against fast fashion, Magic Stick makes clothing to be worn beyond the bi-annual fashion season. Founded in 2009 by Naotoko Konno, the Tokyo-based brand believes in removing unnecessary details and decoration in favor of clean and simple designs which stand the test of time. To achieve this longevity, only the finest materials and production methods are utilized.

magic stick clothing sweater

what is magic stick clothing known for?

With more than 10 years of experience, Magic Stick has now proven itself as a brand that evades the mainstream and fading trends with a focus on quality and the wearers needs. This results in small quantities for a small group of people, who truly understand the purpose and mission of the Japanese label in order to organically expand the message to more and more people to re-evaluate their relationship with disposable, mass-produced fast fashion. However, Magic Stick is not a brand of basics. Its influences range from hip hop music, Naotoko Konno himself is a DJ as well, to 90s aesthetics and films. It all feeds into collections filled with slouchy cuts, premium fabrics and bold graphics, searching for substance in a world that is moving at an unprecedented pace. Cutting off unnecessary details but keeping those with purpose and meaning. 


Where to buy magic stick in Hamburg?

If you're searching for a place to buy the newest collections of the brand magic stick in Hamburg, then we've got some great news for you: come and visit us at our local store at the Virchowstraße 2 (Hamburg - Germany). Pick, try & buy your favourite magic stick pieces directly in store!


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