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what is the origin flagstuff?

Nobuyuki Murayama has spent most of his life studying and loving American vintage styles. He remembers reading about it in local Japanese lifestyle magazines ever since he was 11 years old. In 2005 he began working for the cult vintage shop BerBerJin in Tokyo and in 2007 took on the role of a buyer for four of their stores. It was during this time that he traveled to the US on a regular basis, experiencing American counterculture and music first-hand and delving deeper into the subject matter he was already so passionate about. His research encompassed everything from 100 years ago until the present day. With his deep knowledge, in 2014, he started selling his own original t-shirts at BerBerJin. It took only six months to transform the popularity into an expanded seasonal collection that was presented to buyers. And thus F-LAGSTUF-F was born.


What is flagstuff known for?

The brand is now mostly revered for its distinct take on 90s and 80s American skate and countercultural styles mixed with Japanese influences such as anime aesthetics or kanji and kana scripts. Murayama’s vast experience with vintage design is reflected in the cuts, fabrics, colors and graphics utilized. Today, F-LAGSTUF-F is considered one of the torchbearers of the new generation of Tokyo brands, exploring a dystopian relationship between the digital and analog world. Connecting the present to the past, Murayama opened his own flagship store, titled four store, in 2020, where he sells a curated selection of vintage tees next to his original items. The future is created on the back of the past and Murayama invites us to join him in his own personal version of Neo-Tokyo.


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