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What is Stone Island Shadow Project?

Stone Island Shadow Project is a sublabel of Stone Island, which started in 2008, and represents the most advanced and experimental unit of the Italian brand. It serves as an exploration platform for a new generation of menswear, pushing the research and development capabilities of Stone Island to its furthest potential. To do so, Carlo Rivetti, the head of Stone Island, joined forces with Erroslon Hugh and his ACRNYM team. Known as one of the most forward-thinking designers in the technical and performance apparel industry, Hugh created an intriguing parallel entity, which informs its mother label in various ways, while carving out a unique identity for itself.


What kind of products is Stone Island Shadow Project known for?

  • Highly technical clothing and accessories
  • Continuous investigation of new aesthetic-functional codes
  • Experimental materials, colors and construction
  • Forward-thinking sublabel of Stone Island
  • Pushing the boundaries of the already innovative R&D department of Stone Island
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A brief History of Stone Island Shadow Project

While browsing the wares of a local sports shop in the mountains with his wife, Carlo Rivetti’s attention was caught by a brightly colored Arc’teryx collection. Realizing that most technical sportswear brands did not focus much on style and colors during that time period, he decided Stone Island needed to explore how far the label could push itself. On recommendation from Marc Buhre, the industrial designer working on Stone Island’s stores, Rivetti called on Errolson Hugh to helm the new project. After visiting the company’s headquarters and R&D facilities, Hugh signed on. The new project was reminiscent of a shadow, attached to the main label, while still a unique expression in itself, leading to the name Shadow Project.


What is Stone Island Shadow Project’s cultural impact?

Stone Island has long had a firm position in many subcultures already, proving authenticity and cultural potency. With the introduction of Shadow Project and the involvement of Errolson Hugh, a new customer, who is more fashion-forward and can navigate new media, joined the Italian brands audience, reflecting the innovative approach of the sublabel. However, the tireless experimentation and self-imposed challenges are not only inspiring fans, but the industry at large.


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