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What is ROA?

ROA is an Italian shoe brand founded in 2015 by technical footwear designer Maurizio Quaglia and iconic streetwear and fashion entity Slam Jam. The unique approach ROA takes gracefully combines outdoor-ready specifications and construction with a fashionably city-focused design language. Equally celebrated by outdoor aficionados and fashion-conscious metropolitans alike, ROA’s hybrid attitude towards these disparate landscapes is reflected in each pair of shoes through the high level of functionality and performance, as well as emphasis on tasteful aesthetics.


What is ROA known for?

• Technically sound outdoor footwear
• Versatile aesthetic, suitable for nature as well as urban landscapes
• Avant-garde materials and construction techniques of performance derivation
• Every pair features a Vibram sole
• Collaborations with brands like A-COLD-WALL*, Brain Dead, Stüssy, 1017 ALYX 9SM and more

A Brief History of ROA

ROA began after an encounter between the creative team of Slam Jam Socialism and technical footwear designer Maurizio Quaglia. Inspired by the Forcella della Roa in the Dolomites, not only the name but also the logo references the trail’s mountain peak. ROA has amassed an avid following in both the outdoor and fashion scenes, thanks to its technically advanced construction and the connection to Slam Jam, which also distributes the brand. This has also allowed the Italian footwear label to collaborate with a carefully chosen group of the industry’s highest-caliber names, such as Stüssy or A-COLD-WALL*, and an especially deep cooperation with Matthew William’s 1017 ALYX 9SM.


What are the technical specifications of ROA shoes?

ROA employs the latest innovations in the sportswear and outdoor spheres, while also incorporating more traditional Italian craftsmanship into the construction of its footwear offering. Functionality is the top priority during development, aiming to allow wearers to conquer all kinds of terrains in style. Each pair of ROA footwear features a Vibram sole, providing superior grip and quality. Kudu skin is used for its exceptional natural characteristics, like softness, abrasion and water resistance, as well as for its irregularities, making each pair of ROA shoes unique.