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Founded in 2009 by Patrick Bek and Oliver Fowles, Uniform Wares makes watches that are distinguishable through intelligent design, rather than branding. The London-based brand carefully designs, develops and prototypes every timepiece exclusively in-house. Its parts are then meticulously manufactured by select international partners at the highest standards. Finally, the watches are masterfully assembled in Switzerland, ensuring quality and durability. High-end materials like fine Nappa leather and resilient materials like brushed and polished steel are utilized to create a sustainable part of the everyday wardrobe, that exudes an air of timelessness. It is the polar opposite of statement timepieces, which sometimes only serve as status symbols. Uniform Wares offers a luxurious alternative, making a statement through sleek and understated aesthetics. The made-to-measure service in their London atelier provides even further distinction and luxury, promoting a sophisticated lifestyle. To give their audience an immersive view into the world and inspirations of the brand, Bek and Fowles launched the “Minutes” online journal. The label has successfully created a platform for editorial content, behind-the-scenes and even a print counterpart. It truly shows the dedication and care, that is put into the art of watchmaking. Forever contemporary, Uniform Wares captures the essence of time unlike any other brand.

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