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As a collaborative project, Affix consists of Kiko Kostadinov, Mackintosh head-designer Taro Ray, stylist and creative consultant Stephen Mann and Gimme-5 founder, and now Stüssy UK director, Michael Kopelman. The project initially started as a radio program on the pirate radio station Know Wave. With a focus on industrial, experimental and EBM music, the show did not only attract fashion crowds by association but also by design. Taking the impulses from the music further, the collective explores various modes of functionality and pragmatism, re-imagining contemporary life under the slogan “New Utility”. And so, in 2018, Affix officially launched their own clothing as part of an event called “Rapid Prototyping”, which more resembled an art performance. Equipped with a portable HANDJET® printing machine, demonstrations at various Dover Street Market locations around the world explored new and progressive ways to develop and produce clothes. Today, the London-based brand has established a strong point-of-view, providing solutions for a more sensical wardrobe, that flips the practicality of workwear around to adjust to our daily lives. Each of the members brings a specific skillset to the label, which combined results in a uniquely detailed and thought-through approach to design. Affix represents an essential mindset required to move forward in the future. It proves that in order to push boundaries and find solutions for wider application, collaboration and the combination of different perspectives is key.

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